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I’m Fade Rudman

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Based in Tel-Aviv, but it’s 2020
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Product design and product architecture since 2004

I make valuable products for humans, from the highest strategic levels through detailed design down to micro-copy of the very last of your error messages.

I believe that a truly human experience amplifies your product’s value and grows your business in the long term.

Skillset built over 15 years of experience

  • Product architecture
  • Web, mobile and print design
  • Branding
  • Messaging and micro-copywriting
  • Music
  • Company culture

I enabled products to respond to their users

Product Manager and Designer
@ Neura
During 2015-2018

Neura is AI as a service, which enables products to securely respond to who their users are and what they do.

I’ve done product planning, definition and execution, coordinated with R&D and customers. Hands-on plus management of external product design teams.

Helped developers personalize their products

Product Manager and Designer
@ Neura
During 2015-2018 Visit

Created a developer journey from zero to successful integration across multiple platforms.

Directly assisted customers in utilizing Neura’s technology to create truly personal experiences.

Worked on the first contextual phone

Head of Product Design
@ EverythingMe
During 2012-2015

I led a team which created adaptive and immersive mobile experiences before Siri or Google Now even launched. Implemented in both Android and Mozilla FirefoxOS platforms.

Project Shut Down in 2015

Flexible branding systems, built to adjust according to world events and various contexts

Branded collateral, contextual to its owner

Created countless human experiences

Designer and Head of Design @ Multiple Leading Agencies + Freelancer
During 2004-2012